East Africa 2014 - cmosphoto

Since I returned from my trip to Tanzania and Kenya I have so often been asked one simple question, "How was it?"  This is an answer I struggle with since it is hard to find a simple phrase to describe it.  So here is my short description in words and then I will let the photos show what is so hard to describe, and even then, the images although carefully chosen, still do it all so little justice.

A trip to Africa for many is a transformative experience.  To journey where we evolved from, to stand where our ancestors stood, to hear the primal sounds, to breath the air, feel the soil under your feet and the energy of life on the wind...it is impossible to come away unchanged.  To be there is to step away, just for a time, from the hustle and bustle of modern life.  When you are on safari, it is you which is in the cage, and the animals are free and ironically switching places, it is your spirit which is truly freed.  To be so close to these beasts and accepted into their realm is both exhilarating and humbling.  You are never the same again.....

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