cmosphoto - Glen Cain

You have stumbled upon the repository of my photography. Thanks for stopping by!

A little about me…

Mostly I do this for fun, but I do sell prints. I'm not at all ready to transition to full time Photographer. If you see something you like, by all means buy it!

My subjects vary but I primarily enjoy aviation, events, sports photography and portraiture. So here you will find various sporting events and air shows for the most part. Those close friends know where to find the odd gallery or two that matters most to you.

Pretty much is all Canon, for now.

Bodies include
-1d Mk2
-1d X
-10D - Very Trusty but slow

Various Canon primes and tele-zooms used to channel the light
F-Stop gear to lug it all around

-Canon bodies use a CMOS sensor to capture light....sooo there you have it
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